Ripples of Ripples!

Tick tock..
Tick tock..
Tick tock..

The clock kept ticking..
As a new blog was created..
As I wrote my first post..

Tick tock..
Tick tock..
Tick tock..

One post..
Next post..
Few posts..
And here
Another post..
It’s still ticking..

Tick tock..
Tick tock..

The shrill is sweet..
For it marks time..
A special moment..
And it chimes to shout out…

Here is the 50th post..
On the 600th day of the first Ripple..

It’s time to throw back a quick glimpse..

I started blogging as a complete novice..
Just to spill out few words of my thoughts..
After 600 days, I’m still a novice,
Yet my brain is being filled better everyday..
Better than I could have ever dreamed..

What I thought I knew,
At the start of blogging
Has undergone a radical change..

My old beliefs were shattered..
Fears were crumbled..
Still I am trusted..
Just to be myself and
Still be better than awesome..
For new paths were discovered..
And a new journey has begun..
Within my thoughts and beyond..
In the blogosphere and beyond..

The more I read and tread,
The more I learn and realise,
How much vast the ocean is..
And how tiny a drop* I’m in blogging..

I thought I was looking
At a part of the world..
I now know I’m just looking
At a pin hole on
The outlines* of blogosphere,
Which makes me awkward..

I wonder why*
I ever thought that
I could be worthy of blogging..

And I now realise that,

The simple moments of life*
Have turned into
The treasured moments of heart,
With the joy of
Appreciation, Belief
And Compliments
From the Dear ones of blogosphere..

The life is not just about growing..
It also includes struggling and
It’s about not giving up..
It’s all about writing*,
Even through storms..

It is all about learning to stay afloat..
You just keep Jiving your way*
And you would eventually end up
In the path you are destined to..

You don’t choose a path.
The path chooses you..
And all you could hope is,
Let the walk* be filled with beauty..
And let’s not be blind to ignore
The beauty in the mundane..

When the eyes behold beauty,
Our lips light up with a smile..
Let’s spill out all our smiles here and there*
And let us straighten the world
With the curve of our lips
And the spill of our pens..

And here above
Are the eight bloggers,
Who got struck
In my compass,
With their unique charm,
To guide me
Into various realms
And have accompanied me,
In the travel of my blogosphere..

There are lot more bloggers
And pointers that have led me to here..
They had been of great help
In unravelling
My knots of thoughts*

I could have got lost
And would not be here today
Even if one of them
Were absent or invisible..

I’m reading writing living* here..
And that’s not a mere living
But it’s living the dream* life..

Let my soul talk*
And let that touch* yours..
Let you not be a Martian*
But let be a sweet Mithai*
When your heart speaks*
To hit on the like button..

It is possible only coz of YOU..
The one who’s reading this..
Till this post, till this line..
For you have been with me..
So long through the journey..

Now let me ask you,
To follow the stars..
Spread through my post..
For these are the stars
That brighten up
my dark nights
and are my companion
at my glowing moments..

Now I’m going at a loss of words..
For the simple two words “Thank You”
Is so short to express what I feel..

As I go in search of words..
I hear that sound again..

Tick tock..
Tick tock..
Tick tock..

The time stands test
To our trials and treasures..

Let me hear many more tick tocks..
And let time hear many more treasures..
Of mine from you…

Tick tock..
Tick tock..
Tick tock..

P.S. – I’m sorry that YOUR blog hasn’t find place in here yet.. I do thank you from the depth of my heart.. For reading till here.. You are indeed special to me.. Which is beyond the realms of words.. 😉


Thank You!!!

66 thoughts on “Ripples of Ripples!

  1. Do our minds work at the same frequency? I was thinking of writing a similar post to include the names of my WP family and here I am, a part of your family 🙂 My version will also be coming soon 😉 Loved the gesture. Thank you so much Aadhirai 🙂 Really touched 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  2. WOW!! that’s awesome Aadhirai..
    I too really enjoy blogging and writing..
    I really love reading your posts as well..
    But then I moved to blore and there has been some changes in my life,
    so was coping up with those that I kinda missed reading your stuff,
    and after long it is really refreshing to read your posts….

    I loved these lines especially,

    ”You don’t choose a path.
    The path chooses you..
    And all you could hope is,
    Let the walk* be filled with beauty..
    And let’s not be blind to ignore
    The beauty in the mundane..”

    keep writing..
    and I would try my best to cope up with your pace and read your posts.. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Best wishes Aadhirai,

    Liked by 2 people

    • The pleasure is mutual dear..
      You were the first follow on my blog and how could I miss you to join this party..

      Yes, over time things change, life moves and grows forward..

      Though I do remember you more than I visit your blog, I’m also guilty of not following them as I used to in the past..

      And out of those lines you mentioned, the first two lines belongs to to my friend Jithin and those are the opening words in the intro for his new book.. Do check out that book and all other blogs too.. 😉

      Whatever you do, wherever you go, let all the goodness find your way and the smile keeps glowing and growing forever..

      My Best and Hearty wishes to you!! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Now..
    this is bad…
    and really bad…!!

    Firstly congrats on your 50th post dear and happy to see you writing forward; unlike me 😀
    And thanks for the tag !!!
    [I am second in this list !!!! I dint know that!!]
    At-least that gave me a reason to keep my blog alive !! 😉
    The poem was really wonderful, bringing in everybody through their description 🙂 It was really cool !!

    And “bad” because; my “Come back post” was planned in something of this sort 😀
    ***I really have no idea as to when would it happen; but i had a plan 😛 **
    But you implemented it way,way better than me ..
    Good for that !! 🙂
    Keep writing and be the awesomeness you are 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Congratulations on your 50th post and reaching Day 600. Awesome! I have read many posts on celebrating milestones but this one takes the cake!
    A beautiful poem and thanks for the shout out. It feels good to see fellow bloggers doing better and discovering things anew.
    P.S. I would love to hear more about the ‘shattered beliefs’ and ‘crumbled fears’ 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much for being part of this party and for sharing the cake.. 😉

      People are in general not-so-friendly-and-appreciative was a terribly ignorant belief of mine which is being shattered to the tiniest possible pieces with all the support from my wonderful wp family..

      I do write, but could my writing interest or inspire others was a fear which is again crumbled by these wonderful people..

      Thank you so much for being so sweet and curious.. 😉

      Liked by 2 people

    • I too started writing for that same reason and few of my initial posts were from pretty old ideas..

      But I would be lying, if I say I don’t care at all about my stats.. They are obviously encouraging and wonderfully boosting the ego and very importantly, those were also a factor in improving my confidence in my words.. 😉

      But thankfully I’m not yet addicted to those and I think I’ve still not lost that “writing for myself phase”.. 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  5. That was a beautiful surprise Aadhirai!
    I was intrigued when in saw those blue marks, but I didn’t realised what they were for. The first recognition came with ‘smiles here and smiles there’ but then again I dismissed it as just a phrase you had used. Then I went down till the end of the post to know the meanings of ‘*’ only to be pleasantly surprised. As o read ahead,I was really glad to see my blogs title in poem. That’s such a sweet gesture. Thanks a lot!
    With to see that 1000th post soon !
    Happy blogging!!

    Liked by 1 person

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