Showers of words!

What would you speak,
My heart knows..
What would I speak,
Your heart knows..

What would we speak,
Our silence knows..
And that silence speaks in
Millions of languages..

The best language in the world is,
The language you speak with silence..

My life was like that of the flower-plants,
That grows alongside the railway tracks..
Your hands came over (me) to protect
From the rain and shine..

What’s river? what’s sea?
Aren’t they all just rain?
When distinguished as
your cloud and my cloud, Isn’t that an error?

In the middle of life, we meet few relationships..
When we meet them, we could see the rest of our lives..

The silence is like an ocean,
Where hurricanes sleep inside..
Piercing through those hurricanes
Is your instrument, your words..

In the cloud if silence,
Your words are the breeze..
As the breeze crashes on,
Our words shower as rains..

To welcome the rainy breeze,
Shall we open the Windows?
To listen to the words of rain,
Shall we neglect the umbrellas?

The best language in the world is,
The language we speak with silence..

To know the details of the original song and view the video of this song, click here >


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