Love at first sight

I saw you for the first time and fell in love..
My shadow goes on forgetting me..

I’m not in myself anymore..
There’s nothing else like love..

Where’s my heart, darling..
Did it reach you?

Just here in this garden,
I saw my soul before my eyes..

Oh dear good one, just because of you,
I started having hope in tomorrows..

You made me think of you every second..
You made me have goosebumps often..

The first look will live on forever..
In the heart, it will live on..

Won’t the seven notes of music become eight,
So that I could sing the depth of my love?

Won’t my body have eyes everywhere,
So that I could close them in shyness, while you see me..

My heart isn’t beating normally,
This hasn’t happened to me ever before..

The changes I’m going through
Are all given by you..

The details of the song translated is available here!

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