Why I like you?!

When a damsel throws a glance at the corner of their eyes,
For the young guys in the earth, even big mountains are just a mustard..

When you throw a single glance at me, a new energy spreads in me..
At the place where your glance falls on me, new blood starts to gush..

You came in front of me and I have won over you with my eyes..
You went like a lightning and I have lost my heart to you..

Even when I asked you to come with me,
You didn’t grab the option and elope with me..
Though you have wings to soar the sky,
You didn’t crossover the limits of righteousness..
Therefore, I like you..

The buds blossom in the spring season..
The lust blossoms in the rainy season..
But love blooms at any of six seasons..
And I’ve seen that the love dances in both your eyes..
Therefore, I like you..

You are not exasperatingly tall..
Nor shocking short in height..
You are the right height for me, gorgeous..
Therefore, I like you..

The branches, we sprout from are different from the other..
Where we shelter upon is different from the other..
Yet our flying paths converge in same track..
Therefore, I like you…

My heart has never pumped for any women..
I have never thought that I would be love struck..
After seeing you, my opinion changed about them..
Therefore, I like you..

The first line of the song is adapted from Bharathidasan’s poetry. Other details of the translated song is available here!


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