The meeting

Why am I standing here all alone with a flower?
I came running to see you, my queen (of my heart)
Why else did I come, but for courting with you?
I came all alone, as companion to your youth..

In your bangle dangling hand, what gift did he give?
For your scented hair to be flustered, what did he say?
Over your shapely lips, what is the flavor he left?

As a golden beetle rushed to my face, thinking it as flower,
With my bangled hands, I closed my face slowly,
As my dark hair spread like the clouds (in the jolt when the bug hit)
I was frightened and came running to you to tell the truth

When she comes late to the meeting, he questions her as whom else did you meet on the way.. And she replies with the truth as well as poetic imagination.. The imagination is previously referred in the Tamil classic literature, Aganaanooru, where the poet compares the face of a young woman to that of flower, as a beetle keeps returning to her face..

The original version of the song and other details are available here.

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