Is this a dream?

Flowers, oh flowers, is this a dream?
Mountains, oh mountains, is this a memory?

My heart melts away, My eyes tear up (in happiness),
I see you in those skies, I see you all over the earth,
For you are the Apple of my eye.

Opening the clouds, descending to the earth,
Come hide in my heart, come, come
If I hide in the heart, Cupid’s arrow could strike,
Instead, shall I hide in the curls of your hair?

Is my hair the (learning) place for my hero to sleep?
In the age of adorning flowers, is it fair to forget me?
Not a moment passes without thinking of you, my loving rathi
Just saying your name is enough for the river of love to stall and part to give way..
My life is in your breathe, Your words are in my speech..
Oh my life, come let’s live for five or six centuries together

If flowers had tongue, if the breeze could speak,
They would speak of love and love only..
If the Moon knew Tamil, if the waves knew languages,
They would write poetry on us and spread it all around..
Life is in the ascent with you, my colorful moon..

Like the blue in the sky, this relationship has blended into one..
Even at times without sleep, I’m dreaming of you..
Like the body and the soul, our bond has been united..
Won’t forget your tunes.. Won’t part my flesh..
I’ll live on for you, Oh my life, come..

Another beautiful melody in the combination of Vairamuthu and AR Rahman which makes the song a delight to hear the music as well as be drowned in the words.. The song’s video is available over here!

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