Beats of Love!

For singing the nomadic song, namthana namthana are the beats..
Coz of love, in all over the places,
In the hearts, there are 1000s of beats..

Is love, what blooms in the twenties?
It’s love that continues till the sixties!
Is love just those laughing along in happiness?
It’s love that gives consolation while crying!

Shall I sing about love?
Isn’t it searching nectar in flowers?!

While gently closing the eyes and leaning on, it should be the lap..
While the steps are faltering with exhaustion, it should be the grip..
By knowing what’s in your heart,
You knowing what’s in my heart,
Living to express, I’m there for you, is indeed the love..

Is hopping from one to another (flower) is love?
Isn’t love being just with and for each other!

The Ganges, the Cauvery et all are feminine forms..
The Earth that holds us all every single day is also feminine..
Even the emperor ruling the kingdom, needs a female to rule the house!
In the sea like life, femininity is indeed the lighthouse, that guides..

It’s enough just to handover the heart to the damsel..
She would bring full moons everyday to the rest of life..

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