You and me!!

You are breeze, I’m tree,
I’ll nod for everything you say..
You are rain, I’m earth,
I’ll hold you wherever you fall..
You are night, I’m stars,
I’ll be there only till you are there..
You are waves, I’m shore,
I’ll bear even when you beat me..
You are body, I’m your shadow,
You don’t have to fall, I’ll fall for you..
You are branch, I’m leaf,
I’ll live only as long as I’m bound with you..
You are eyes, I’m your lashes,
I’ll keep fluttering till I join you..
You are breath, I’m body,
I’ll let you alone to keep me alive..
You are sky, I’m blue,
I’m merged within you..
You are thought, I’m word,
I’ll be uttered only when you command..
You are light, I’m Koel,
I’ll sing only upon seeing you..
You are dress, I’m the waist,
I’ll wear you even when I sleep..
You are day, I’m light,
I’ll always depend only on you..

Details of the translated song is available here!

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