Are you?

Are we the two eyes
that are next to each other
forever and yet
unknown to each other?

Has the veil on the mirror removed?
Just so that the eyes could see each other?



Though we use the word ‘forever’ forever,
Only few hop in to change the meaning of forever for ever again!

Dare to become!

We don’t get to decide,
What we are born as!
What we are born as
Doesn’t restrict
What we become..
Keep following your dreams,
Even if it’s against the tides!


Cliche is the only way
To express few expressions..
But there are times,
When neither cliches
Nor creations
Are enough
To express!

The fall

The deeper you fall,
The higher you soar,
But make sure that
You fall for the right person / thing! 


Age old habits could die,
In the fraction of second,
If the new habit is
Even more addictive,
As well as close to heart!

Restoring equilibrium

While being overwhelmed with too much to process, sometimes the simplest of acts restores the equilibrium and helps in dealing with everything else easier!

So what did you do today to make someone smile?