Reactions and resolutions!

Life reacts to our actions in mysterious ways, as ever!

Not so long ago, I was looking at life as at cross roads, which would never ever intersect with other ways. So, by taking up one, I’ve to lose the other. Since most of the choices are close to heart, I’m deeply confused on which to pick and what to lose.

And I took a leap of faith, on one choice. Only to soon discover that, this road bends and intersects and merges with every other road I wanted to travel through.. I might have not be able to have connected the other dots from those other choices..

And it left me thinking of these quotes..

What you seek, seeks you – Rumi

And my favorite and the words that push me around..

“When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” – Paulo Coelho

Anyway, why am I saying this all here, not just because it’s my blog and I blabber, it’s also because, one of those road is leading to get me back in blogging world..

So, get prepared to meet me more often with much better posts than blabbering..

Keep smiling..