What would you do?

An empty mind is Devil’s workshop!

Hence, the popular solution is to keep your mind busy. There is a rule to every rule saying that every rule has an exception. Going by that, what if the devil is a masked angel and trying to use the workshop to build something worthy out of this workshop?

What if the devil is Lucifer? (Note: Lucifer is referred to only in the context of the angel who rebelled the Gods and became the devil) And what if fortunately or unfortunately, while working at your mind’s workshop Lucifer exhibits only his angelic powers and not the devilish ones?

So would you give a chance for Lucifer? Will you let the work be continued in your workshop? Do you have the courage to see what happens from it? Or just the recklessness to find out what the devil is up to?

Illuminate the darkness!!

When life happens, it drags along with it fun, happiness and even stress..

The more the merry and happiness, we cheer, enjoy and cherish those moments and keep them stored in memory for it to linger over time..

Hence it’s natural, that we exhaust ourselves, when we face negative emotions and find it hard to get over it..

There are ways to push out that stress.. The more the outlet, the easier it is to de-stress ourselves..

But is it just enough that we de-stress? Is that the end of the chapter of that stress? Is everything back to all cheer and good with it?

Phew.. The answer is no.. Nope.. Never..

Once you wipe out the stress, it just becomes empty.. As we would realise soon, that idle space is taken up by devil for his insanity workshop.. And this workshop churns out insanity, self defamation and obviously more distress non-stop..

So wiping out stress alone is not enough.. What else to do?

Instead of bothering to wipe out the stress, place something good and happy or just something you are so passionate about..

In simple terms, when you are busy loving, you don’t have time enough to hate..

Keep the stress in control by letting loose all controls of happiness, laughter and passion..

For life is not lived in the count of days, but in the days that counts in life…

ஆதிரை ~ Aadhirai