Dreams would come true!

Movie: 180
Lyricist: Madhan Karky
Singer: Vidya Shankar, Master Aswath P. Ajith, Master Sharath
Composer: Sharreth
Cast: Siddharth, Priya Anand, Nithya Menon
Director: Jayendra
Year: 2015
Song Sequence: (1)-(2)-(1)-(3)-(1)-(4)-(1)-(5)-(5)-(5)

(1) துரு துரு கண்ணில் துறு நீங்கும் போது 
சிறு சிறு கனவுகள் சிறகு சூடும்
துரு துரு கண்களில் சிறு சிறு கனவுகள்

thuru thuru kaNNil thuRu neenggum poadhu
siRu siRu kanavugaL siRagu soodum
thuru thuru kaNkaLil siRu siRu kanavugaL

When the rust is removed from the twinkling bright eyes,
Many little dreams start to adorn wings
In the twinkling bright eyes, Many little dreams..

(2) நாளை போடும் செய்தித்தாள் எந்தன் பெயரைக் காட்டுமே 
எல்லைத் தாண்டி நோபல் பரிசு என் கைக்கெட்டுமே 
நோயில்லாத பூமி பந்தொன்றை நானே கட்டுவேன் 
அன்னை கண்ணில் இன்பம் உண்டாக்க விண் முட்டுவேன்

naaLai poadum seydhithaaL endhdhan peyaraik kaattumae
ellaith thaaNdi noabal parisu en kaikkettumae
noayillaadha poomi pandhdhondRai naanae kattuvaen
annai kaNNil inpam uNdaakka viN muttuvaen

Tomorrow’s newspapers will show my name
Crossing the borders, Nobel prize will reach my hands
I, myself will construct a earth void of any diseases
To see happiness in the eyes of mother, I will reach the skies

(3) புதிய புதிய உலகம் வேண்டாமே 
நேற்றுலகம் நான் காண்பேன் 
தூசில்லா பூங்காற்றிலே 
மழைகள் விழ விசை செய்வேன் 
விழிகள் அழ தடை போடுவேன் 
கனவை விதை என புதைக்கிறேன்

pudhiya pudhiya ulagam vaeNdaamae
naetRulagam naan kaaNpaen
thoosillaa poonggaatRilae
mazhaigaL vizha visai seyvaen
vizhigaL azha thadai poaduvaen
kanavai vidhai ena pudhaikkiRaen

I do not want a brand new world,
I will see the world of yesteryears,
In the dust-free floral-breeze..
I will make a switch for the rain to pour,
I will implement a ban for the eyes to shed tears,
I am burying my dream as a seed..

(4) திரையால் மூடும் போதும் விண்ணில் தீ மறைவதில்லை 
பசியால் வாடும் போதும் கண்ணில் தீ குறைவதில்லை 
பல நாள் இருளும் ஒரு நாள் சுருளும் எனவே 
மருளும் மனதில் ஒளியாய் திரளும் கனவே

thiraiyaal moodum poadhum viNNil thee maRaivadhillai
pasiyaal vaadum poadhum kaNNil thee kuRaivadhillai
pala naaL iruLum oru naaL suruLum enavae
maruLum manadhil oLiyaay thiraLum kanavae

Even when you draw curtains, the fire in the sky doesn’t fade..
Even when suffering with hunger, the fire in the eyes doesn’t dim..
In the hope, that the darkness of so many days would crumble one day,
A dream gathers like light in the frightened heart!

(5) கனவெல்லாம் கூடுமே
கைகள் கூடும் வேளையில் 
இருளெல்லாம் தீயுமே தீயில்

kanavellaam koodumae
kaigaL koodum vaeLaiyil
iruLellaam theeyumae theeyil

The dreams would come true..
When the dreams are realised,
The darkness will burn along in the fire..

This is enough!

A rainbow bloomed on earth
It talks to me with love
When my soul melts next to you
In the brightness of (your) face, my nights will prolong
My legs (I) float in the air

Thousands of thoughts arise in my thoughts
Where do I find the meaning for your looks?

The breeze that becomes the brush,
Has painted love in my heart

Both your eyes sing new poetry
As I yearn to sleep in the bed of (your) lips..
This is enough.. For everyday, this is enough
For everyday, this is enough!
For everyday, this is enough!

Note: The original verse of this song, video and other details are available over here!

Who would be the messenger?

I am asking the breeze that passes through this dais,
In the way you pass by, will you see my God on the way?

‘She is like a bud amidst colourful flowers,
She would be (as sweet as) sugarcane to your heart,
Yet, she is like a small particle afloat the sea..’
Would you say so to him?

‘She wakes up at midnight,
She thinks of your relationship,
She sleeps (only) after dawn’
Would you convey this pain too?

I am asking the breeze that passes through this dais,
She is like the vision to my eyes, Is what she said is right?

‘She searches for her Kannan (her guy),
She conveys her heart’s love,
She has forgotten this elder brother’
Would you convey that too?

[The last stanza is the reply by her brother, who is also the friend of her guy.]

Details of the translated song is available over here!

What’s anew?

Hey there’s a new smell in the Air
Hey there’s a new joy which wasn’t there yesterday
Hey the happiness that is in the heart
Hey the eyes capture them to tell tales

All the dreams I dream of,
I share them with my heart
Like a friend
My loneliness is gone
A change happened to my life
Over my legs

I celebrate immensely and become the cloud

Time would change.. Seasons would change..
When both changes, (Living) life would be different

Now there are no clocks
There are no restraints
There’s none to make stops
There are no more identities
The horizon is my limit
Am an uncontrollable Tarzan

Wherever the future might lead to?
Would the heart leap with expectation?
Everyday and day and night,
Would there be 1000s of introductions?

Details of the translated song is available over here!

You and me!!

You are breeze, I’m tree,
I’ll nod for everything you say..
You are rain, I’m earth,
I’ll hold you wherever you fall..
You are night, I’m stars,
I’ll be there only till you are there..
You are waves, I’m shore,
I’ll bear even when you beat me..
You are body, I’m your shadow,
You don’t have to fall, I’ll fall for you..
You are branch, I’m leaf,
I’ll live only as long as I’m bound with you..
You are eyes, I’m your lashes,
I’ll keep fluttering till I join you..
You are breath, I’m body,
I’ll let you alone to keep me alive..
You are sky, I’m blue,
I’m merged within you..
You are thought, I’m word,
I’ll be uttered only when you command..
You are light, I’m Koel,
I’ll sing only upon seeing you..
You are dress, I’m the waist,
I’ll wear you even when I sleep..
You are day, I’m light,
I’ll always depend only on you..

Details of the translated song is available here!

Beats of Love!

For singing the nomadic song, namthana namthana are the beats..
Coz of love, in all over the places,
In the hearts, there are 1000s of beats..

Is love, what blooms in the twenties?
It’s love that continues till the sixties!
Is love just those laughing along in happiness?
It’s love that gives consolation while crying!

Shall I sing about love?
Isn’t it searching nectar in flowers?!

While gently closing the eyes and leaning on, it should be the lap..
While the steps are faltering with exhaustion, it should be the grip..
By knowing what’s in your heart,
You knowing what’s in my heart,
Living to express, I’m there for you, is indeed the love..

Is hopping from one to another (flower) is love?
Isn’t love being just with and for each other!

The Ganges, the Cauvery et all are feminine forms..
The Earth that holds us all every single day is also feminine..
Even the emperor ruling the kingdom, needs a female to rule the house!
In the sea like life, femininity is indeed the lighthouse, that guides..

It’s enough just to handover the heart to the damsel..
She would bring full moons everyday to the rest of life..

Is this love?!

Just for a single kiss, you fell in love?
Oh beautiful flower, you fell in love?

In the blinding of eyes, fell in love?
In the sound of voice, fell in love?
In the desire for life, fell in love?
In love? In love? In love?

You are a matchless bravo,
The girls will stand mesmerized
In love, just seeing your shadow!

You are a measured magnet
Even stones get attracted
And fall in love

Is there any high you haven’t reached?
Is there any achievements unattained?
I melted whenever I see you
With love and fall in love..

Yes, in love just with a single kiss
Yes, in love with Singara Velan (the beautiful one with the spear)

My nights are extending with love
My heart spreads wings like a dove
A resistance to sleep and food
Oh, is this what love is?!

Oh the teacher of kisses,
Have you already finalised
With love, the love?

For a simpler task,
The starting point
Is the kiss of love!

In the town of the learned,
This is an insane hunt..
I am going to rule you over,
with love and for love..

Details of this peppy song is available here!