A Blessing in Disguise!?!

I’ve always been a fan of butterfly for so many reasons..
An incident happened to increase my fascination of them..

I went to a temple, few days back, and was coming around the shrine..
I came across a butterfly in that path on the floor..
I adored the beauty at a distance and moved on..

I came back in the same path after few minutes and was surprised to see that beauty was still on the floor..
I realised it was not flying at all and presumed it was not alive..

Still, it was so cute and I didn’t want it to be trampled by unnoticing passer-by people..
When I lifted it, it showed few weak movements, so I left it in a corner for it to recover itself and fly off, for lack of a better idea at that time..

After few more minutes of wandering, came across the butterfly again in the spot I left..
Now I was getting interested in it and let it sit on a leaf and carried around, with me while seeing to some chores..
It walked a bit and was totally feeble to fly..


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Eyes – Keyhole to prism of perspectives


Mind’s keyhole

An old fable goes on to say how four blind people fought over an elephant’s description..
The first felt its legs and said it to be a pillar..
The second felt its ears and said it to be a fan..
The third felt around the body and said it to be a rock..
The fourth felt its trunk and said it to be a snake..

Are they wrong in their description? Everyone’s answer was right..

Every description stands true to that view of the person.. But does it describe the elephant.? Pity, no..

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