What lies ahead? 

Is it the end,
Where the path of the past
Bids adieu
As it ceased to exist?

Is it the bend,
Where the path takes
A new turn
As it enters new horizons?

Is this the beginning of
Another new month?
Is this the end as
The year comes to a close?

What was in the past?
Few promises were broken!
Few new promises were made!
And in between life did happen!

What lies ahead?
Isn’t that the billion dollar question?
Blushing blooming buds?
Fragrant fluffy flowers?

What’s out there could be
Seen, heard and felt from there…
But not from here, for
Appearances are deceptive!

So step ahead..
Even if it’s towards an end..
For the road bends and there lies
Another new beginning!

Who would be the messenger?

I am asking the breeze that passes through this dais,
In the way you pass by, will you see my God on the way?

‘She is like a bud amidst colourful flowers,
She would be (as sweet as) sugarcane to your heart,
Yet, she is like a small particle afloat the sea..’
Would you say so to him?

‘She wakes up at midnight,
She thinks of your relationship,
She sleeps (only) after dawn’
Would you convey this pain too?

I am asking the breeze that passes through this dais,
She is like the vision to my eyes, Is what she said is right?

‘She searches for her Kannan (her guy),
She conveys her heart’s love,
She has forgotten this elder brother’
Would you convey that too?

[The last stanza is the reply by her brother, who is also the friend of her guy.]

Details of the translated song is available over here!

Favourite Lines #5

உனக்கென என மட்டும் வாழும் இதயமடி
உயிர் உள்ள வரை நான் உன் அடிமையடி

unakkena ena mattum vaazhum idhayamadi
uyir uLLa varai naan un adimaiyadi

This heart beats only for you
I’m yours as long as I live

என் ஆயுள் ரேகை நீயடி
 என் ஆணி வேரடி
 சுமை தாங்கும் எந்தன் கண்மணி
 எனை சுடும் பனி

en aayuL raegai neeyadi
en aaNi vaeradi
sumai thaanggum endhdhan kaNmaNi
enai sudum pani

You are my lifeline,
You are the root (anchor) that holds me,
You shoulder my burden, darling,
You are the mist that burns me..

விழியின் அந்த தேடலும்
 அலையும் உந்தன் நெஞ்சமும்
 புரிந்தாலே போதுமே
 ஏழு ஜென்மம் தாங்குவேன்

vizhiyin andhdha thaedalum
alaiyum undhdhan nenjamum
purindhdhaalae poadhumae
aezhu Jenmam thaangguvaen

If I could just understand,
those searching eyes of yours,
and the wavering heart of yours,
I could live seven more births..

அனல் மேலே வாழ்கிறாய்
 நதி போலே பாய்கிறாய்
 ஒரு காரணம் இல்லையே
 மீசை வைத்த பிள்ளையே

anal maelae vaazhkiRaay
nadhi poalae paaykiRaay
oru kaaraNam illaiyae
meesai vaitha piLLaiyae

Without any reason,
You live upon the scorching ember,
And yet flow like the river,
Oh my dear moustached-baby

(8) இதை காதல் என்று சொல்வதா
 நிழல் காய்ந்து கொள்வதா
 தினம் கொல்லும் இந்த பூமியில்
 நீ வரம் தரும் இடம்

idhai kaadhal endRu solvadhaa
nizhal kaayndhdhu koLvadhaa
thinam kollum indhdha poomiyil
nee varam tharum idam

Should I say this as love?
can I bask in its shades?
On the earth that kills everyday,
You are the place of blessings!

The details of this melody is available here!

Favourite Lines #4

இரு நெஞ்சம் இணைந்து பேசிட உலகில், பாஷைகள் எதுவும் தேவை இல்லை.
சிறு புல்லில் உறங்கும் பனியில் தெரியும், மலையின் அழகோ தாங்கவில்லை.
உந்தன் கைகள் பிடித்து போகும் வழி, அது போதவில்லை இன்னும் வேண்டுமடி.
இந்த மண்ணில் இதுபோல் யாரும் இங்கே, எங்கும் வாழவில்லை என்று தோன்றுதடி.

iru nenjjam iNaindhu paesida ulagil, paashaigaL edhuvum thaevai illai.
chiRu pullil uRanggum paniyil theriyum, malaiyin azhagoa thaanggavillai.
undhan kaigaL pidiththu poagum vazhi, adhu poadhavillai innum vaeNdumadi.
indha maNNil idhuboal yaarum inggae, enggum vaazhavillai endRu thoandRudhadi.

There is no need of any languages, for two hearts to communicate in this world.
The beauty of a mountain reflected on a dew drop that sleeps on a grass blade is exhilarating.
(The beauty potrayed when you sleep on my lap is overwhelming)
The path that I walk holding your hand is never sufficient, and I desire more.
(The happiness that I get walking holding your hand is never sufficient, and I desire more.)
It feels as if no one in this world has ever lived this sort of a life anywhere.

The details of this awesome song is available over here!

You and me!!

You are breeze, I’m tree,
I’ll nod for everything you say..
You are rain, I’m earth,
I’ll hold you wherever you fall..
You are night, I’m stars,
I’ll be there only till you are there..
You are waves, I’m shore,
I’ll bear even when you beat me..
You are body, I’m your shadow,
You don’t have to fall, I’ll fall for you..
You are branch, I’m leaf,
I’ll live only as long as I’m bound with you..
You are eyes, I’m your lashes,
I’ll keep fluttering till I join you..
You are breath, I’m body,
I’ll let you alone to keep me alive..
You are sky, I’m blue,
I’m merged within you..
You are thought, I’m word,
I’ll be uttered only when you command..
You are light, I’m Koel,
I’ll sing only upon seeing you..
You are dress, I’m the waist,
I’ll wear you even when I sleep..
You are day, I’m light,
I’ll always depend only on you..

Details of the translated song is available here!

Beats of Love!

For singing the nomadic song, namthana namthana are the beats..
Coz of love, in all over the places,
In the hearts, there are 1000s of beats..

Is love, what blooms in the twenties?
It’s love that continues till the sixties!
Is love just those laughing along in happiness?
It’s love that gives consolation while crying!

Shall I sing about love?
Isn’t it searching nectar in flowers?!

While gently closing the eyes and leaning on, it should be the lap..
While the steps are faltering with exhaustion, it should be the grip..
By knowing what’s in your heart,
You knowing what’s in my heart,
Living to express, I’m there for you, is indeed the love..

Is hopping from one to another (flower) is love?
Isn’t love being just with and for each other!

The Ganges, the Cauvery et all are feminine forms..
The Earth that holds us all every single day is also feminine..
Even the emperor ruling the kingdom, needs a female to rule the house!
In the sea like life, femininity is indeed the lighthouse, that guides..

It’s enough just to handover the heart to the damsel..
She would bring full moons everyday to the rest of life..

Is this a dream?

Flowers, oh flowers, is this a dream?
Mountains, oh mountains, is this a memory?

My heart melts away, My eyes tear up (in happiness),
I see you in those skies, I see you all over the earth,
For you are the Apple of my eye.

Opening the clouds, descending to the earth,
Come hide in my heart, come, come
If I hide in the heart, Cupid’s arrow could strike,
Instead, shall I hide in the curls of your hair?

Is my hair the (learning) place for my hero to sleep?
In the age of adorning flowers, is it fair to forget me?
Not a moment passes without thinking of you, my loving rathi
Just saying your name is enough for the river of love to stall and part to give way..
My life is in your breathe, Your words are in my speech..
Oh my life, come let’s live for five or six centuries together

If flowers had tongue, if the breeze could speak,
They would speak of love and love only..
If the Moon knew Tamil, if the waves knew languages,
They would write poetry on us and spread it all around..
Life is in the ascent with you, my colorful moon..

Like the blue in the sky, this relationship has blended into one..
Even at times without sleep, I’m dreaming of you..
Like the body and the soul, our bond has been united..
Won’t forget your tunes.. Won’t part my flesh..
I’ll live on for you, Oh my life, come..

Another beautiful melody in the combination of Vairamuthu and AR Rahman which makes the song a delight to hear the music as well as be drowned in the words.. The song’s video is available over here!